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Biography - David Feeney

Defence Council Victoria's David Feeney

The Hon. David Feeney is a Senior Fellow at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, an independent, non-partisan think tank established by the Commonwealth Government to provide advice for Australia’s strategic and defence leaders.

As Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, Mr Feeney’s responsibilities included ADF Reserves, ADF force structure (especially Plan BEERSHEBA in the Army), the Pacific Maritime Security Plan (PMSP) and liaison with Pacific Island Countries, participating in the first meeting of South Pacific Defence Ministers Meeting (SPDMM) in Tonga. Mr Feeney also commissioned the Department of Defence workforce review, Plan Suakin, in 2010. He also commissioned the report into Unresolved Recognition for Past Acts of Naval and Military Gallantry and Valour and was responsible for the Australian Government’s Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten appointed Mr Feeney as Shadow Minister for Justice and Shadow Assistant Minister for Defence. After 1 July 2014 the portfolio of Veterans Affairs and Centenary of ANZAC were added to his responsibilities.

As a Member of Parliament, Mr Feeney was a regular commentator on strategic and defence matters, a regular contributor to ADM magazine, and served as Deputy Chair of the Defence Sub-Committee of the Joint Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (JSCDFAT).

Mr Feeney was a contributing author in Peter J Dean, Stephan Fruhling and Brendan Taylor (eds.), Australia’s American Alliance (Melbourne University Publishing, Carlton) and in Tom Frame (ed.), The Long Road. Australia’s Train Advise and Assist Missions (UNSW Press, Sydney).

Prior to entering Parliament, Mr Feeney served as the ALP Assistant National Secretary, ALP Campaign Director for South Australia, Director of Strategy for the former Premier of Victoria, the Hon. Steve Bracks, and Victorian Labor State Secretary.

He holds a Master of Public Policy and Management from Monash University.