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Carley is one of Australia’s most sought-after commercial space experts, having led rapid start-up activities that developed Australia’s first commercial spaceport and established a world - first contract with NASA for the launch of three scientific rockets in 2022. Her international trade and local industry advocacy efforts are paving the way for significant allied space collaborations going forward.

Carley is also an advisor to the CSIRO on the Advanced Manufacturing Committee and is a mentor for Moonshot space start-up programs. Previously, Carley was on the Board of the Space Industry Association of Australia and Western Melbourne Tourism. She has presented at international conferences such as SXSW and IAC about space launch, strategy and commercial growth, and has been the CEO of fast growth start-ups with major shareholders including Rio Tinto and government entities.

Awarded Australia’s pre-eminent recognition for service the Order of Australia Medal in 2021, ranked in the top 100 Women of Influence’ by AFR in 2019/2020, and winner of the Telstra Business Women’s Award in 2017, Carley is recognised for her positive impact on Australian industry and community.

Carley is a graduate of Monash University (business, commerce and communications) and is passionate about innovation, enterprise and opportunities for collaboration between allied nations.


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Carley is a commercial space expert with extensive experience in international trade that has paved the way for collaborations with NASA.


  • Space launch, strategy & commercial growth
  • CEO, Equatorial Launch Australia
  • CEO, Developing East Arnhem Limited


Carley is a graduate of Monash University in business, commerce and communications.


  • Member of CSIRO – Advisory Committee
  • Advisor to the CSIRO on the Advanced Manufacturing Committee
  • Mentor for Moonshot space start-up programs
  • Board member of the Space Industry Association of Australia
  • Board member of Western Melbourne Tourism.
  • Board member & Treasurer, Economic Development Australia
  • Member of Regional Economic Development Committee East Arnhem
  • Member of Executive Committee, East Arnhem Land Tourist Association


2021:  Order of Australia Medal

2019/2020:  AFR Top 100 Women of Influence

2017:  Telstra Business Women’s Award for Purpose & Social Enterprise

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