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Defence Science Institute – APR Internship Vouchers (2018-2020)

The Defence Science Institute (DSI) has partnered with Australian Postgraduate Research (APR) Intern to deliver the DSI APR Internship to businesses servicing the defence sector.

Under the APR Intern Program, DSI will provide supplementary funding of $10,000 towards the costs of the internship (typically $26,000), covering the Academic Mentor and Project Management costs.

This allows the delivery of a cost-effective solution for tackling research challenges while also aiming to increase the size of the Defence industry ecosystem which will ultimately lead to stronger innovation in this industrial sector.

The APR Intern program provides direct access to expertise—across all disciplines—to assist with defence-related projects requiring additional expertise. The program places a PhD student, with an academic supervisor, into a full time 4-5 month internship to address a Research and Development project outlined by industry.

For more information visit: https://aprintern.org.au/dsi/