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La Trobe University launched into outer space

Victoria has further cemented itself as a leader in space technology with an advanced high-resolution camera launched into space.

The camera which was developed and constructed by the German Aerospace Centre in partnership with La Trobe University, is designed to more accurately monitor the Earth’s ecosystem.

The camera will take three days to reach the International Space Station. Once installed, it will be integrated onto the station’s imaging platform to monitor bushfires, floods, ash clouds, storms, rainfall, and drought across the world.

The camera will transmit data to the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at La Trobe and to ESS Weathertech – a Melbourne-based company specialising in designing and manufacturing satellite ground stations – which has established a ground station to receive imagery.

The partnership between La Trobe and the German Aerospace Centre is the first of its kind for an Australian university and demonstrates Victoria’s capabilities in developing and manufacturing space technology.

Read More: https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/la-trobe-university-launched-into-outer-space/