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Victoria ready to support Australia's aerospace industry growth

The Victorian Government has launched a new campaign to promote Victoria’s aerospace capabilities and make Victoria the home of the new Australian Space Agency.

More than one-in-five Australian space-related science and technology companies are based in Victoria, with some of the world’s biggest names in aerospace – including Lockheed Martin, Thales, Boeing and BAE Systems – carrying out aerospace research, development and manufacturing in the state.

Lockheed Martin established its first multi-disciplinary research facility outside the United States, STELarLab, in Melbourne, and the Bureau of Meteorology – the biggest user of space technology in Australia – is based in Melbourne, as is the leading Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information.

Victoria’s research and development capabilities in this sector are world-class. Swinburne University has partnered with the California Institute of Technology, giving the institute unique access to the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

La Trobe University has a $20 million partnership with the German Space Agency to develop and design a super-sharp-image camera to fly on the International Space Station.

The global space industry is forecast to be worth more than $1 trillion by 2040.