Victoria has extensive experience in naval shipbuilding with more than 40 ships constructed since the 1940s. With a strong and proven record in delivery and support to the Australian Navy, Victoria is a major centre for the national maritime industry, with world-class capabilities and a large defence industry supply chain. Victoria is well placed to make a major contribution to the Future Submarine, surface ship programs and other maritime capability enhancements identified in the Federal Government’s 2016 Defence White Paper.


Over 300 companies are involved in Victoria’s naval maritime industry and more than 240 in Victoria's submarine industry. Proven capabilities include:

  • Design and construction
  • Communication and control systems
  • Engines and propulsion
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Fluid dynamics research
  • Materials testing
  • Systems integration and engineering
  • ICT and software
  • Intelligent systems design
  • Advanced visualisation tools


Two of the world’s foremost maritime design and engineering companies, Siemens and BAE Systems, operate in Victoria. BAE Systems has significant martime engineering and design capabilties in Melbourne. Siemens has its Australian headquarters in Melbourne, and has provided power and control for the Royal Australian Navy’s ANZAC class frigates, power and propulsion for the Royal Australian Navy’s class landing helicopter docks and configuration management software and support for the Australian land and navy defence forces. Other globally competitive maritime defence companies located or operating in Victoria include:

  • AMOG
  • Atlas Tooling
  • Bauer Engineering
  • BMT Design and Technology
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Hoffman Engineering
  • Invenio
  • Mackay Consolidated Industries
  • PHM technology
  • QinetiQ

For further information on the capabilities and credentials of the companies in Victoria’s maritime defence industry see the Victorian Defence Alliances' Capability Directories download page.


Victoria leads the way in research and development. Elements of the Defence Science and Technology Group’s Maritime Division are based in Melbourne, with expertise in naval architecture, sonar and acoustic technologies and control systems. The Defence Materials Technology Centre and the Defence Science Institute, also based in Melbourne, conducts research into materials, propulsion and energy use.