Smart Enough Factory Program

The Victorian Government supports local defence industry companies to transform their business operations by deploying digital technologies to drive value and productivity and spearhead their competitive advantage.

In 2021, the Victorian Government announced $1.3 million for the Smart Enough Factory program to support small to medium-sized businesses in Victoria’s defence industry to modernise their manufacturing processes.

Delivered by DMTC Limited, the program improves business’ digital and Industry 4.0 capabilities by using digital advances in data-driven production to enhance operational performance and manufacturing productivity. This leads to more efficient processes and significant cost savings.

Participating businesses are supported by undergraduate or postgraduate interns from Victorian universities who provide technical support. Interns benefit from valuable work experience, industry exposure and potential future employment.

The pilot program began with Victorian businesses, Australian Precision Technologies, APV Corporation, AW Bell, Heat Treatment Australia and Ronson Gears. Up to 20 Victorian businesses can participate annually.

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Page last updated 21 Apr 2023
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