Defence Science Institute


The Defence Science Institute (DSI) was established in 2010 and is jointly funded by the Victorian Government, the Defence Science and Technology Group, the University of Melbourne and other participating universities.

DSI provides a range of services for Victoria’s defence sector, including:

  • research grants
  • undergraduate and postgraduate industry internships
  • networking opportunities.

Research grants and internships

Thanks to the partnership, the Defence Science Institute’s (DSI) intern programs and research grants have supported hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and are instrumental in supporting the growth of a vibrant and cutting-edge defence workforce.

Investing in the future of our economy and people, the Victorian Government has been fostering innovative research and development by providing funding to the DSI since its establishment in 2010.

The Victorian Government provides funding for DSI to develop Victoria's defence science and technology capabilities. This is through the facilitation of defence science-focused collaboration between:

  • universities
  • industry
  • other research organisations.

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Find out more about defence-relevant research across Victoria's university sector, see the DSI's 2023 Victorian & Tasmanian Defence Research Capability Directory

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Internship success story

From creating augmented realities to coding Bluetooth headsets, DSI interns place a spotlight on Victoria’s bright future. DSI continues to foster a robust defence workforce in the State through the delivery of their internship programs and research grants.

Since it's establishment in 2011, DSI has secured approximately $140 million in research and development funding for the State, generating a rich and advanced defence science community. Developing and equipping young talent with the necessary skills to enter the workforce is at the core of the DSI undergraduate intern program, providing STEM students with valuable experience from local companies who form part of the Victorian and Australian defence supply chain.

The DSI’s intern programs have achieved remarkable success in preparing participants with practical experience and skills to get ahead and launch into the workforce.

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Page last updated 16 Jun 2023
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