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Biography - Amanda Holt

Defence Council Victoria's Amanda Holt

Amanda holds tertiary qualifications in Aerospace Engineering and Business, complemented by post-graduate studies in Remote Sensing, Systems and Software Engineering, and has recently completed the Senior Executive MBA at Melbourne Business School.

Commencing her career in Military Systems Engineering developing interoperable Combat, Communications and Simulation Systems for the Royal Australian Navy working for Adacel, ADI and Thales, Amanda further developed her understanding of the integration of complex military systems upon joining SYPAQ Systems in 2007. SYPAQ offered the opportunity to work with capabilities as broad as Naval Shipbuilding, Submarine Systems, Naval Aviation, Army Aviation, Aerospace Systems, Land Surveillance Systems, Joint C4ISREW Systems, Autonomous Systems, Simulation based tools and ICT intensive Joint Intelligence Capabilities including Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Network Effects and PED capabilities.

In 2015, Amanda was appointed as SYPAQ’s Chief Executive Officer, having held the role as General Manager – Defence and Aerospace and Chief Engineer for 4 years prior. SYPAQ employs almost 200 engineering and technical personnel across Australia, delivering specialist services in the fields of C4I systems integration, trusted autonomous systems, software intensive systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and cyber capabilities.   
Amanda is a Fellow and Engineering Executive of Engineers Australia, a member of Defence Council of Victoria, a member of the RMIT Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board, the co-chair of the Defence Maritime Environmental Working Group, and for the past four years served as a Director of the Sir Richard Williams Foundation and as a Board Member of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability.